Double sander machine



It is a specially designed sander for double-sided grinding of workpieces, which greatly reduces labor costs, reduces production costs, and improves work efficiency.


It can be used for constant thickness sanding and surface polishing of many different length workpieces. Factory direct sales, professional manufacturing sander 11 years, welcome customers to come to customize!

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Factory overall display

NT series sanding machine

US$ 7.880,00 - US$ 9.880,00/set
1.0 set(Min. Order)
US$ 10.980,00 - US$ 12.580,00/set
1.0 set(Min. Order)

Powerful sanding machine

US$ 19.480,00 - US$ 23.980,00/set
1.0 set(Min. Order)
US$ 49.880,00 - US$ 52.880,00/set
1.0 set(Min. Order)